La Condesa, Mexico City (Herman Miller)

I traveled down to Mexico City to photograph La Condesa, the verdant, languid arts and design district nestled deep within the undulating 8.8 million person capital of Mexico. The district is all about the fusion of history and a new potency; a majestic old growth forest constantly sprouting with new life and ventures. Ornate European Colonial architecture intermingle with scrappy new buildings wrapped in vivid graffiti; expansive leafy plazas let out onto frenetic sidewalks lined with street vendors, al fresco business lunches, and mystery alleyways. The area vibrates with a graceful energy, and has long attracted the country's highest cadre of artists, designers, and thinkers. Galleries, studios, and boutiques abound, all set under the tropical canopy of the city.

I spent two wonderful days on foot in the area working on this piece for Herman Miller's online publication, WHY: strolling streets, poking into galleries and shops, meeting with many of the areas most prestigious designers and artists, eating the most incredible meals, and feeling the warm, caressing breath of the city.