Floyd Lived In I recently had the opportunity to photograph Jereme and Shelby Mendez’s home in Oakland. The couple dabble in all things design and creative and furniture; upon seeing some scouting photos Jereme sent over I was really taken with the abundance of vintage lamps throughout their home; when I saw these lamps I proposed an afternoon-into-dusk shoot. Jereme and Shelby were up for it, and were extremely lovely, adventurous, and graceful hosts and subjects, up to try anything. They also had the coolest two sibling cats I’ve ever met, who followed me around everywhere and even explored my grip case with their cute little paws. Big fan. At dusk, they (Jereme and Shelby, not the cats) turned on all the lamps and everything got golden and glowy, we ate some cheese (cats stole some cheese too) and drank some wine and took some photos and it was, as the kids say, “so good”.