Winter Redwood with Juniper Ridge (Travel + Leisure)

Juniper Ridge is technically a company, but really it's a collection of humans who love the wilderness so intensively that they've figured out a way to bottle up its scent. With arms and legs and hands and noses and a backpack each, the Juniper Ridge crew heads to wilderness areas like Big Sur and Mt. Tam, sustainably collects firs, mosses, grasses, and barks, carries these scents out of the woods, distills them, and creates wilderness perfumes that you can put on your skin, in your hair, in your mouth, or in the air around you. The scents are remarkable and intoxicating and immediately recall wild areas you once visited, or have never been to, or have loved deeply but are not in at the present moment in time. I spent two days with Juniper Ridge on Mt. Tamalpais while they foraged and crafted this season's Winter Redwood perfume. I pressed my nose into every plant and tree we walked past, soaked in an oceanside hot springs, got deep with some new folks, and took these photos.