Sausalito (Heath Ceramics) The timeless shape of the Heath pieces, the iconic color of the glazes, ceramics steeped in lineage, but also looking forward. As their Clay Studio Director Tung Chiang once told me, "We are looking to make something that feels like it's part of your memory".

99% of folks who engage with Heath pieces only see the end result. They don't see the process, how many hands it touches, how much love and consideration a plate or bowl or mug receives before it ends up in their home, often used daily, forever.

Heath commissioned me to make a 2 minute video that explores the glorious, slow-paced focus in their process, a profoundly deep consideration of shape, weight, use; how a piece feels in your hand, fits in your life, used every day, for years. I saw it as a collaborative opportunity to not only bring viewers on a tour of the factory, but to drop in to the soul of the company: a collection of individuals who live and breathe turning clay into pieces you cherish forever.

CD: Lisa Ferkel and Rosalie Wild
VO: Catherine Bailey (co-owner of Heath)
Edit/Mixing: Cooper Kenward
Music: Chris Bear
Color: ETC