Zürich and the Via Alpina in Switzerland

A recent holiday with 5 friends to celebrate some birthdays that all hang about in the same vicinity of the year. Flew into Zürich and spent 48 hours acclimating in that city, mostly going to the Flussbad Oberer Letten. Summer gloriously hung about; each day the docks were packed with people of all ages, a cacophony of languages and so so much skin (also: back sweat). Hundreds of people diving and chatting and reading and napping as far as the eye could see, I put on sunscreen like 5 times, and it felt like mid-June. The sun heats you up, the water cools you down, repeat. Once on the right time zone, we took a train to the foothills of the Swiss Alps and began the main event, a 6 day hike along the Via Alpina trail. 60-ish mikes hiked, 20,000 feet ascended, roughly 23 lbs of Alpskäse cheese consumed, one 24 hour bier fast, so much kuchen mit rahm, one hearty German lesson (Ich habe aprikosenkuchen in der küche), four hundred selfies, one raclette, two rostis, all the starches, all the views.